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Media Coverage on Apples & Oranges

6/1/2009: New in Paperback, "They were as different as… well, you know. But when Brenner’s brother was dying, it all changed. A moving memoir." | People Magazine

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6/23/2008: Marie Brenner tries to reconnect with her dying sibling before it's too late. |

6/19/2008: Heart-wrenching memoir is a testament to the power of love and forgiveness |

6/11/2008: How Illness Changes the Sibling Relationship |

6/8/2008: Reporter digs into her prickly relationship with brother in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri) |

6/2/2008: Books Briefly Noted: Apples & Oranges in The New Yorker |

5/28/2008: "Mending Sibling Resentment" - Marie Brenner on Good Morning America |

5/28/2008: Books Bound to Please |

5/24/2008: "Marie Brenner Q&A: Memoir traces author's complicated relationship with older brother" in San Antonio Express-News |

5/20/2008: "When He Tried to Vanish, His Sister Wouldn’t Let Him" |

5/16/2008: Entertainment Weekly's book review of Apples & Oranges |

5/14/2008: "Marie Brenner: Candidates Fighting in the Backseat" on VF Daily |

5/13/2008: Q&A: Marie Brenner Talks About Apples & Oranges on VF Daily |

5/13/2008: Lesley Stahl interviews Marie Brenner for The Women on the Web |